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Especially due to the current severe restrictions in the field of education, specialists and teaching staff are more than ever required to train themselves. Especially in the area of streaming and online conferences, coupled with new teaching materials. The image and teaching methods are changing, so it is important that the teaching staff are also proficient with the new media in order to be able to offer the students the best possible learning experience, both on-site and online.


We offer entry-level and advanced courses, with a focus on Apple's iWork suit, presentation tools for teachers and students, and webinar programs like Webex.

Armed with this, the teacher can skilfully and professionally offer online lessons.

In this way, even long-established teachers do not lose touch with the technical knowledge of today's generation.

The current generation comes into contact with technology in a completely different way than previous generations and last but not least the current COVID19 pandemic means that schools have to deal particularly with the interests and possibilities of digitization.

The teaching staff is an expert in imparting specialist knowledge and we support the teaching staff in being able to use the resources made available to them skilfully and in a targeted manner.

This opens up completely new teaching methods and opportunities for you.

courses for classes

Children, teenagers and young adults have many interests. In special themed courses, we offer great and easy-to-learn suggestions for children to try out for themselves and to further develop their hobbies and skills.

It doesn't matter whether it's photography, creating videos, learning to program, making music or creating exciting presentations for the classroom: In our courses we focus on specific areas.


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