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Achieving the highest possible level of efficiency - that is the goal of most companies. However, when dealing with the progressive modernization of companies becomes a challenge for employees and personnel, many slip back into old, proven patterns, true to the motto "Everything was better in the past." Not only does the company lose valuable resources, but also the leap into digitization and automation.

We support companies and working groups in learning, using and operating Mac, iPhone and iPad. This can increase self-confidence and productivity.

companies of all kinds

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a medium-sized company, AGs or small bistros, they all have one thing in common these days:

modernization and digitization

Learn with us how Apple products can further advance your business and relieve you of repetitive tasks. More than ever, it is no longer just large computers that are taking over the arithmetic tasks, but also small tablets, smartphones and the like.


Every day we are confronted with meetings, conferences and talks and we encounter dozens of forms of presentations every day.

In our courses on Keynote, Numbers and Pages, we show how great and simple, yet attractive presentations can be created. Suitable for the next product presentation or balance sheets.

Lectures and web meeting

Apple products are excellent for holding online conferences. Great image and sound technology paired with strong performance are the basis for a successful online conference.

With programs like Keynote, Numbers or Pages, you can create a professional presentation in no time at all.

Basic courses iWork Suit

It's amazing what can be created with Numbers, Keynote, Pages, iPhoto and Garageband - many underestimate Apple's now free tools.

The fact that it can be used to create world-famous presentations by Steve Jobs still amazes many.

In our courses, we go into the programs and show what great opportunities open up.


Inclusion and diversity is an important topic for every company. Creating the right working environment for each colleague is essential to maintain a high level of willingness and motivation.

However, special requirements can also be accompanied by challenges and there is a lack of the right contact person to adequately explain topics such as operating aids and to be able to integrate them into the workflow.

We train the blind, deaf, mute and people with motor disabilities how to use Apple products.


product consultations

Your individual company has special requirements and wishes for technology. We support you with all questions about Apple products and how they can enrich your company.


We are happy to hear from them!

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